New arrivals – Silkies & Bantams

Exciting news we have had our delivery of silkies and pekin bantams so at the moment we have plenty available but I can imagine they will sell pretty fast. – Silkies £45 each – Bantams £35 each – Pekins are a “True Bantam” meaning they have no Large fowl counterpart. These marvellous, compact bantams are […]

3 Lovely Leghorns available …

I have 3 – 18-week old leghorns available – 1 White and 2 Mottled leghorns – please – they are beautiful slim birds with very elegant tall tails however they are a flighty, nervous bird at the moment so probably not for beginners but should settle down given time and will lay amazing white eggs […]

Soft Shelled Eggs …

I was collecting the eggs from my cheeky little bantams the other day and found a soft rubbery egg. It can happen to any hens but in particular new hens that have just come into lay or older hens which my bantams are on the older side now – think they are about 5 years […]

Silkies and Polish Available

We have a selection of silkies and polish available now … SILKIES Bearded Silkie’s are excellent pets, they have unique fluffy feathers, black skin, 5 fingered legs, crested & beard, feathered feet and blue earlobes. They lay approximately 100 small eggs a year POLISH Polish or Polands are adorable, a slender bird with a over […]

New to Chicken keeping …

We have, over the years, run chicken keeping courses for beginners and everyone that attends receives an A5 booklet on what coops they need, which chickens to buy, what to feed then and general how to look after their new additions, so we have attached the leaflet below for you to download … Worth a […]


Due to the huge demand for hens, we have had more inquiries over the last week than we usually get in a whole year!! We are compiling a list of everyone who has contacted us via email, text, phone, and FB, etc and will contact you when the situation becomes clearer and we have an […]

New Year – New Signs for our chicken coops

One of my Christmas presents from last year were signs for all our coops – so every coop has a special name … So we have names for our Chicken Sitting Coops – HEN HOTEL, THE CHICK INN and CLUCKINGHAM PALACE as you can see we have 2 coops full this weekend (18-19 January 20) […]

Christmas Present Ideas …

Stuck for a few Christmas pressie ideas then have a look below …. We have a few colourful metal ornaments, perfect for gardens, patios or indoors plus some of our yummy homemade jams ….

Chicken keeping Course for Beginners …

Come along and join us … 3rd October • 15th October22nd October We will take you through the types of chickens, from pure breeds to hybrids, large fowl to the small bantams. We explain what chickens need in terms of the living space, coop and run, nesting box and their dietary needs, feeding, what they […]

Busy September!!!!

We are only just into September and already we have been extremely busy. Our September delivery of hybrids arrived on Wednesday 4th.  We have a nice mix of hens available so should you wish extend your existing flock or start up chicken keeping then drop me a message or give me a call on 07747 […]