Chicken Sitting

We also offer Chicken Sitting – Our Chicken boarding service provides complete peace of mind that your hens are being cared for to a high standard, while you are away on holiday.  Your hens will be housed in wooden coops with large runs for their duration of their stay.  I have 4 boarding coops available

Unless you say your hens will be fed layers pellets or mash and fresh water each day.  Mixed corn and greens will be given in the afternoon as a treat.

Prices are as follows £2.50 a night per Hen

Weeks including Easter, Christmas and New Year are as follows £3 a night per Hen

Please message for availability.

About Sarah New

Website designer and owner of Charlotte's Chickens

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  1. Felicity Jones

    Hi. My husband has ordered a coop to be delivered in May. I’m afraid I don’t have exact dates. We’d like to pre order 4 hens to be delivered or picked up around the beginning of June. Do you know which breeds you might have available around that time? We’ve kept chickens before so have some experience. We’ve got feeders and water holders but We’d need layers pellets, corn and straw if possible too. If there is anything else you’d recommend , please let us know. Thank you

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