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We are situated in Ashford, Middlesex / Surrey – 5 minutes from Junction 1 M3 • Junction 13 M25.

If you are interested in getting any hens my waiting list has now reopened – please email me at sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk
or fill out the form on the contacts page

Please make sure you have a fox proof run and coop all setup and ready.

COVID 19 update …
We are open Monday – Saturday 10am -2pm for feed, bedding, and accessories –

Payment can be made contactless up to £45 or Via BACS (I’ll message over my details)

take care, stay safe and thank you

and plenty more

We stock Multi-Mite Animal Grade Diatoms Kills Redmite in days –
from £3 for 150gms, £12 for 1.5kg and £18 for 2.5kg

Plus we offer Chicken Sitting

If you are going on holiday, moving home or having some building/garden work done, and can’t find anyone to look after your hens, then you can bring them to us …

Hybrids are a cross of pure breed chickens. They make great pets once they have settled into their new home and are great to have around the garden. Hybrids tend to be more disease resistant than pure breed chickens.

The hybrids can be mixed to provide a colourful flock. Keeping chickens has become so popular that we often run out of the hybrids. If you call us to reserve a specific type we will hold your reservation for 7 days maximum without any extra charge – after that £1 will be charged per hen per week.