Silkies and Bantams

updated 13th June 2020

All sold out – hopefully have some more available in a month or 2 time – ill keep you posted on my website and facebook

Bearded Silkies – £45 – sold out

Silkie’s are excellent pets, they have unique Fluffy feathers, black skin, 5 fingered legs, crested & beard, feathered feet.

Pekin Bantams – £35 – sold out

Pekins are a “True Bantam” meaning they have no Large fowl counterpart.

These marvellous, compact bantams are full of personality. As they have feathered feet they don’t scratch and forage as much so do less damage to the garden. However as with all feathered feet breeds they will require checking regularly and best kept on well draining ground.

At the moment I cannot make reservations but please drop an email if you are interested in any of the above breeds
07747 166408
or email on