New arrivals – Silkies & Bantams

Exciting news we have had our delivery of silkies and pekin bantams so at the moment we have plenty available but I can imagine they will sell pretty fast. – Silkies £45 each – Bantams £35 each – Pekins are a “True Bantam” meaning they have no Large fowl counterpart. These marvellous, compact bantams are […]

Silkies and Polish Available

We have a selection of silkies and polish available now … SILKIES Bearded Silkie’s are excellent pets, they have unique fluffy feathers, black skin, 5 fingered legs, crested & beard, feathered feet and blue earlobes. They lay approximately 100 small eggs a year POLISH Polish or Polands are adorable, a slender bird with a over […]


Due to the huge demand for hens, we have had more inquiries over the last week than we usually get in a whole year!! We are compiling a list of everyone who has contacted us via email, text, phone, and FB, etc and will contact you when the situation becomes clearer and we have an […]

Review of 2018 !!!

Our first delivery of hybrids arrived at the beginning of February – The new year had started so plenty of people began buying chickens again either as a new keeper or extending their existing flock … Then we had SNOW lots of snow – my own chickens thoroughly enjoyed their venture out into that white […]

Present ideas

FRESH EGG SIGN – £8 GARDEN ORNAMENTS – £18 each T-TOWEL – £5 each EGG STAND – £10 FRIENDSHIP LIGHTS – £6 each or 2 for £10 plus HOMEMADE MARMALADE, JAMS, PICKLES, MUSTARD and more from £1.50 Pop in and see us see our locations page    


We now have Compost in stock   …. J ARTHUR BOWERS MULTI PURPOSE COMPOST 50 LITRES £4.00 each Reduced peat compost containing all essentail plant nutrients plus trace elements and a wetting agent.