April Delivery of Hybrids and Chicks

Oh my I don’t know where the time has gone – my delivery for April of 110 Hybrids and 25 chicks arrived last Tuesday (so nearly a week ago) – We have already sold half – so very busy, however we still have plenty left. Should you wish to start up chicken keeping or extend […]

October Delivery

Our October delivery of hybrids has arrived – Plenty available – Starting at £16 This will be our last delivery for 2018 therefore no deliveries in November, December or January – we start again in February 2019 If you wish to reserve any then call or message 07747166408 sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk RANGERS, BLACKTAILS, AMBERS, COUCOUS, COPPER BLACKS, […]

Its that time of year – Moulting

So this morning I did my usual check and clean of the chickens to find that my lovely cheeky pekins are starting their annual moult ! Don’t panic when your chickens start losing their feathers. Moulting is a normal and natural process of shedding feathers and re-growing them that all chickens go through. The best […]

Keeping your Chickens Cool

As we are experiencing consistently high summer temperatures this can cause chickens to suffer from heat stress, overheating, or even stop their egg laying process.  Cold water is essential and will regulate the chicken’s body temperature and keep them nice and cool. Offer frozen treats. One of my favourite ways to help my girls cool off and treat them at the […]

Hybrids …

Last few available until mid-July BLACKTAILS, AMBER, COUCOU, BLUE, SUSSEX and PIED