Pekin Bantams, Wyandottes & Hybrid Bantams

updated 21st August 2021

Bantam Wyandottes – £40 – 1 available – Black Wyandotte

Bantam Wyandottes are hardy, busy hens that make great foragers. Bantam Wyandottes will lay approximately 180 – 200 tinted eggs in their first year.

They look great and are easy to handle, making them a perfect addition to any back garden.

Bantam layer based hybrid £35 – 5 available – 2 blacktails, 1 silver sussex leghorn, 1 blue speckledy leghorn and welsummer

They are friendly birds which have a gentle nature about them, they don’t need a lot of space as they are bantams but do appreciate the chance to run free. will lay approximately 220-250 eggs in their first year.

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