Pekin Bantams, Wyandottes & Hybrid Bantams

updated 22nd July 2021

New delivery of Pekins Bantams £40, Wyandottes £40 and hybrid Bantams £30 arrived on Saturday 10th July – very pretty birds

Pekin Bantams – £40 – 3 available – 2 Millefleur (light brown and darker brown) and Mottled

Pekins are a “True Bantam” meaning they have no Large fowl counterpart.

These marvellous, compact bantams are full of personality. As they have feathered feet they don’t scratch and forage as much so do less damage to the garden. However as with all feathered feet breeds they will require checking regularly and best kept on well draining ground.

Bantam Wyandottes – £40 – 3 available – Lavender Wyandotte, Splash Lavender Wyandotte, Black Wyandotte

Bantam Wyandottes are hardy, busy hens that make great foragers. Bantam Wyandottes will lay approximately 180 – 200 tinted eggs in their first year.

They look great and are easy to handle, making them a perfect addition to any back garden.

Buff Sussex – £35 – 1 available

Like its larger counterpart the Bantam Sussex is a very attractive small – medium sized bird, traditional style white bird with black hackle feathers around the neck and on the tail.

They have a placid nature and can cope with cold weather, they are easily tamed as well as being great at free ranging.

Hybrid Bantams – £30 – 3 available – 2 blacktails, blue, silver sussex and welsummer

Our own bantam layer based hybrid. They are friendly birds which have a gentle nature about them, they don’t need a lot of space as they are bantams but do appreciate the chance to run free.

They are capable of laying around 220 eggs per year

Columbian Blacktail Bantam x2 £30 • Millefleur Pekin Bantam £40 • Lavender Wyandotte £40

Splash Lavender Wyandotte £40 • Silver Sussex Hybrid Bantam £30 • Blue Hybrid Bantam £30 • Buff Sussex £35 • Millefleur Pekin Bantam £40

Welsummer Hybrid £30 • Lavender Wyandotte £40 • Columbian Blacktail hybrid Bantam £30Black Wyandotte £40 • Mottled Pekin Bantam £40 • Millefleur Pekin Bantam £40

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