Gorgeous Chicks

We also have 2 week old Hybrid Ranger Chicks (all hens) – 25 in total arrived last Tuesday and we only have 8 left – so anyone interested in getting a few chicks then pop along and see us at Charlotte’s Chickens in Ashford Surrey. They are just so cute but as you can see […]

April Delivery of Hybrids and Chicks

Oh my I don’t know where the time has gone – my delivery for April of 110 Hybrids and 25 chicks arrived last Tuesday (so nearly a week ago) – We have already sold half – so very busy, however we still have plenty left. Should you wish to start up chicken keeping or extend […]

October Delivery

Our October delivery of hybrids has arrived – Plenty available – Starting at £16 This will be our last delivery for 2018 therefore no deliveries in November, December or January – we start again in February 2019 If you wish to reserve any then call or message 07747166408 sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk RANGERS, BLACKTAILS, AMBERS, COUCOUS, COPPER BLACKS, […]