October Delivery of Hybrid Hens

Our new delivery of hybrid hens arrived this morning – a bit older than our usual delivery – approximately 24+ weeks old – so many are laying already. Lohmann Brown £22 Amber Rock £24 Rhode Rock £24Columbian Black Tail £24Speckledy Maran £24Speckledy Gold £24Splash Maran £24 Silver Sussex £26Blue Maran £26White Leghorn £28Tri colour/Mottled Leghorn […]

August 2020 …

Wow what a busy month August was. We took delivery of 150+ birds early on the 10th August and with temperatures hitting 34+°C it was extremely warm so kept the birds cool with plenty of cold water and I also made then up some pea and sweetcorn ice lollies. By the 19th August we were […]