French Copper Black Bantam Marans

updated 18th June 2019

All our birds are from French show winning stock and all are vaccinated against Marek’s, Newcastles, Infectious Bronchitis and all have been treated for Coxy and screened for Salmonella.

All chickens are sexed as day-old chicks in the hatchery with a 95% accuracy!

They will be appropriately 6 months old

French Copper Black Bantam Marans

Bantam Marans are a fairly new breed derived from the original French large breed.
The stunning French Copper Black Bantam Marans, with their lovely gold flecking on the neck they and high straight tail feathers are quite stunning. Laying brown coloured little eggs they add a lovely element to any ornamental flock.

£35 each – or 2 for £60

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