October Delivery of Hybrid Hens

Our new delivery of hybrid hens arrived this morning – a bit older than our usual delivery – approximately 24+ weeks old – so many are laying already.

Lohmann Brown £22
Amber Rock £24
Rhode Rock £24
Columbian Black Tail £24
Speckledy Maran £24
Speckledy Gold £24
Splash Maran £24

Silver Sussex £26
Blue Maran £26
White Leghorn £28
Tri colour/Mottled Leghorn £28
Charlotte Bronze (Devon Bronze) £28

If you are interested in getting hybrid hens then please drop me a quick email sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk or message me 07747 166408

If you are new to chicken keeping then please have a look at our Chicken Keeping Leaflet and make sure you are completely setup with a coop (house for the hens to go to bed and to lay eggs) and run (a fox proof enclosed area for your hens to enjoy outside) before you get the hens.

And remember the more space you can give your hens the happier they will be !!

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