Next Delivery 6th April 2021

A week on from having our March delivery of 125 birds our last 4 girlies have just been collected so we are now SOLD OUT!!!

Our next delivery will be available from 6th April 2021.

See the hybrids page on the website for available breeds and prices (we will do our best to supply all breeds, however this is subject to availability from the supplier)

If you would like to join the list for the birds arriving on 6th April then please drop me an email to or complete the contact page and I will be in touch with availability

If you are new to chicken keeping then please have a look at our Chicken Keeping Leaflet and make sure you are completely setup with a coop (house for the hens to got to bed and to lay eggs) and run (a fox proof enclosed area for your hens to enjoy outside) before you get the hens.

And remember the more space you can give your hens the happier they will be !!



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Next delivery of hens

6th April 2021

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