3 Lovely Leghorns available …

I have 3 – 18-week old leghorns available – 1 White and 2 Mottled leghorns – please – they are beautiful slim birds with very elegant tall tails however they are a flighty, nervous bird at the moment so probably not for beginners but should settle down given time and will lay amazing white eggs once they come into lay.

When they arrived the white leghorn had a problem with her wing and so did the mottled leghorn with a green tag – we have trimmed the wings and they both seem much better now and can fly up to the perch without any problem however the wing does hang a little lower than normal but not causing any problems. The other mottled leghorn has a slight hunch to her shoulder which must of been how she was hatched but apart from that she is perfectly fine.

They should be £26 but I am happy to sell the 3 for £70 – if you are interested please can you drop me a message on email sarah@charlotteschickens.co.uk

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