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3rd October • 15th October
22nd October

We will take you through the types of chickens, from pure breeds to hybrids, large fowl to the small bantams.

We explain what chickens need in terms of the living space, coop and run, nesting box and their dietary needs, feeding, what they need for the best eggs. Making sure the coop is fox proof and keeps the chickens healthy with the right perch sizes and nesting boxes for them to lay eggs.

We explain the egg creation and laying process this helps people to understand the chickens needs. We then cover questions about healthcare and what to look out for when a chicken is unwell and how to help them get better. We provide hands on demonstrations in handling and wing trimming to prevent them getting over a 6ft fence.

Our guests will leave with all the knowledge they need to become chicken keepers and have confidence with dealing with all aspects of the hobby.

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