Its that time of year – Moulting

So this morning I did my usual check and clean of the chickens to find that my lovely cheeky pekins are starting their annual moult !

Don’t panic when your chickens start losing their feathers. Moulting is a normal and natural process of shedding feathers and re-growing them that all chickens go through. The best thing you can do to help your chickens through the moult is to feed extra protein feed or treats – sunflower seeds, mealworms and add some poultry spice to their feed or tonic to their water.

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Moults are most common during autumn, and in my experience, it usually happens between late September, October and November, just before it gets really cold.  It can be quite frightening as one day they can seem fine and fully feathered and the next morning you are faced with a coop full of feathers.  When a hen is coming into moult, it’s very common for her laying to slow down, and stop for a while.


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